Built upon our experience of implementing over 100 programs across the nation, your Cogent implementation team will build a plan that details the required pathway to quickly achieve our shared clinical, operational and financial goals.

Transitioning a hospital or critical care medicine program is an extremely complex process, and no two hospitals have the same inpatient management needs. Cogent’s approach to this transition is that “We do not build a program for you. We build your program with you.”

We strive to become a true partner with our hospital clients. The transition plan begins with the Regional Chief Development Officer, collaborating with your hospital’s senior leadership teams on a high level plan including goals, timeframes and resource reviews. Then your implementation team will take those goals and guidelines to build the plan for achieving the over 400 tasks with an expert team of Cogent resources from recruiting, credentialing, billing, coding, information technology, quality, marketing, clinical and operational domains.

Each decision is made with the needs and goals of the client in mind.