Greeno-Hawley Hospital Medicine Index™

The Greeno-Hawley Hospital Medicine Index

Is your hospitalist program designed for success?

And how does it compare to others around the country? The Greeno-Hawley Hospital Medicine Index is the first tool of its kind, designed to help hospitals perform at their highest potential by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their hospital medicine programs, as benchmarked against the best practices in the nation.

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Why Benchmark?

We’ve established the first recognized set of core capabilities for hospitalist programs, offering facilities across the country an unprecedented opportunity to objectively assess their programs’ strengths and needs. This is an important advancement in a field that relies on team performance rather than individual physicians’ clinical skills. It is also a demonstration of Cogent’s commitment to setting and achieving a standardization of optimal patient care across an industry in which hospitals must rely more and more on team-based programs for successful operations.

A high-performing hospitalist program can significantly improve clinical quality and safety, cost efficiency, patient satisfaction, and avoidable readmissions. By positioning your program alongside the best in the industry, the Index will show you, for the first time, how and where to grow your program to reach optimal performance and achieve those goals.

Want to rate the capabilities of your hospitalist program? Click here.